Our family is proud to grow fresh fruit and create fine wines for you.


About Our Product

We produce cherries, apricots, pluots, peaches, nectarines, apples and grapes. Our fruit is available for retail and wholesale sales. Our seasonal fruitstand is open for the year when cherries start and closes between Thanksgiving and Christmas. To get an idea of what we currently have to offer in the fruitstand, please check our Available This Week page. For more detailed information (general expected harvest, description of fruit, uses for fruit) about the fruit that we offer scroll down.

Please note that in 2011 we sold a parcel of land which reduced our acreage. However, it is our plan for the fruitstand to continue business as usual. Even though we may no longer grow the many different varieties we've offered in the past we plan to procure these desired fruit from other local growers who meet our standard of quality. Please take into consideration that because we will be purchasing some fruit some of our prices will come up and availability on some fruit will decrease. We will do our best to continue to offer our customers good quality for a good price and service with a smile.

Williamson Orchards Product Line

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TIETONSmahogany red, mild-sweet, largeMid June
BINGmahogany red, sweet-juicy, large, firm (canning)Late June
RAINIERyellow, super sweet, X large, firm (canning)Late June
SKEENAmahogany red, sweet, large, firm (canning)Early July
SWEETHEARTSmahogany red, mild-sweet, heart shapeEarly July


GOLDBARorange w/ blush, sweet-tart, small (canning)Early July
TOMCOTorange w/ lite blush, tart, med-lrg, firm (pies)Early July
ROYAL ORANGEorange, super sweet, large, soft (jam)Mid July
RIVAL orange w/ green hue, sweet-tart, firm (canning)Mid July


All peaches are freestone unless otherwise mentioned
* Semi-cling stone fruit

RICH LADY*large, sweet, yellow w/ red blush, smooth texture (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Early August
JULY FLAMEmed-large, sweet, red blush to flesh, firm (slicing, canning)Early August
SUMMER SWEETwhite flesh, large, sugary sweet, pink w/ maroon blush, firm (slicing, canning)Mid August
DIAMOND PRINCESSlarge, sweet, firm smooth texture (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Mid August
RED GLOBEextra large, sweet-tangy, yellow w/ red blush, s tringy texture (slicing, baking, drying)Mid August
FLAMECRESTmed-large, sweet, red blush to flesh, firm (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Late August
YAKIMA HALElarge, old-fashioned peach taste, yellow w/ red blush to flesh, firm (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Late August
IMPROVED ELBERTASlarge, mild flavor, yellow, easy to peel, fine texture (canning)Early Sept
SUNCRESTmed, sweet, red blush to flesh, firm (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Early Sept
SNOW KINGwhite flesh, medium, sugary sweet, pink skin, firm (slicing, canning)Early Sept
SWEET DREAMS*extra large, low acid, super sweet, pale yellow flesh, firm (slicing, drying)Early Sept
SNOW GIANTwhite flesh, large, sugary sweet, pink skin, firm (slicing, canning)Early Sept
ZEE LADYlarge, peachy sweet, easy to peel, fine texture, firm (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Mid Sept
IDA LADYlarge, peachy sweet, e asy to peel, fine texture, f irm (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Mid Sept
O'HENRYmed-large, sweet-tangy, red blush to flesh, firm (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Mid Sept
AUGUST LADYmed-large, sweet, red blush to flesh, firm (slicing, canning, baking, drying)Mid Sept


DIAMOND RAYmedium, tangy-sweet, firm (slicing, jams/jellies)Mid August
SUMMER FLARElarge, tangy-sweet, firm (slicing, jams/jellies)Late August
SUPREME REDfreestone, large, tangy-sweet, firm (slicing, jams/jellies)Early Sept
HONEY ROYALEfreestone, medium, tangy-sweet, firm (slicing, jams/jellies)Early Sept
RED GEMfreestone, medium, tangy-sweet, firm (slicing, jams/jellies)Late August


A pluot is a mix between a plum and an apricot

FLAVOROSAsmall-med (slicing, jams/jellies)Mid August
FLAVOR QUEENmed-large, yellow/green, super sweet (slicing, jams/jellies)Late August
FLAVOR KINGmed-large, deep red, sweet-tangy (slicing, jams/jellies)Early Sept
GEO PRIDEsmall-med, dark purple skin, yellow flesh (slicing, jams/jellies)Mid Sept
FLAVOR HEARTmedium, heart shaped, deep red, tangy-sweet, firm (slicing, jams/jellies)Mid Sept
FLAVOR RICHsmall-med, dark purple, tangy-sweet (slicing, jams/jellies)Mid Sept


SUMMER REDmed-small, red/green color, tart sweet (sauce)Early August
AKANEsmall, yellow/red color, tart sweet (sauce, baking)Early August
GALAmed-small, pinkish red color, mellow sweet (slicing, sauce)Early August
GINGER GOLDmedium, yellow, super sweet (slicing, baking)Mid August
NO NAMElarge, green w/ red blush, super sweet (slicing, baking)Mid August
GOLDEN DELICIOUSmedium, yellow, mellow sweet (slicing, sauce)Early September
JONAGOLDlarge, yellow w/ red blush, sweet-tart (baking)Mid September
RED DELICIOUSmed-large, red, mild sweet (sauce, baking, canning, drying)Mid September
HONEYCRISPlarge, green w/ red blush, super sweet (slicing, sauce, baking, canning, drying)Mid September
EMPIREsmall, green/red blush, sweet-tart (slicing, sauce, baking, canning, drying)Mid September
GRANNY SMITHmedium, bright green color, tart flavor (slicing, baking, canning, drying)Early October
ROMEmed-large, red, mild sweet (sauce, baking)Late September
FUJImed-large, green w/ red blush, sweet-tart (slicing, baking, canning, drying)Mid October
CAMEOmed-large, pink w/ red blush, tangy sweet (slicing, baking, canning)Mid October
PINK LADYsmall, pink w/ red blush, very tart (baking, canning)Late October

* We will not have a crop of McIntosh and Criterion apples in 2014. Our sincerest apologizes for this inconvenience. We hope to have these varieties of apples available again in following seasons.